Tired of uninterested and unimpressed investors like the guy on the right? Think it's because of you and your pitch? 

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Have you become all too familiar with investors that say they'll be interested when you're later-stage and at that point you don't need them? 

Don't worry, we help startup founders that struggle with raising capital!

If this is you...
Don't worry,  we help startup founders that struggle with raising capital.

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Capital Procurement Partners

When it's Time to Sell My Business

Looking to Buy a Business

What is your Business worth

Without having clear and objective outside perspective, discerning what’s best for your business can often be very challenging and unfortunately can also be incredibly costly with no “do-overs” afforded.
Often times when we meet with clients, they want to sell their businesses when in reality, their businesses just need non-toxic growth capital.  An infusion of capital combined with 24 months of robust growth, can often lead to a significant increase in company valuation.
With a team of well-versed M&A experts, business advisors, and valuation specialists, we help startup founders develop a long and short-term plan that appeals to sophisticated investors .
Our aim is to get you capitalized and ensure your investor audience understands that while you could be the next Wall Street Unicorn, you’re more likely to get acquired. That’s why both investors and startup founders love working with us. Because we’re not a transactional broker that leaves either side high and dry. We’re capital procurement experts and exit strategists combined.

Maybe you already have a business in mind or maybe you are looking for a particular type of business – it’s available under our umbrella.  We can help you identify a list of targets, navigate a purchase and provide the expertise to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Determining the value of your business is critical for many situations.  We have the knowledge and resources to help you through that process.  There are many different factors that determine the business’s value and we have a systematic plan to make sure we consider each factor.

A Word From Our Founder...

Wall Street Experience With Main Street Perspective

Izzy Lozada Founder & CEO

Working on the fancy side of Wall Street investment banks and broker-dealers in my early days was much like being a maitre d’ at a fancy restaurant that was serving Chef Boyardee canned food in the back! 

Everything looked and sounded great. But upon further inspection, I came to realize it wasn’t good food for the client startup founders or investors at all. Yet, the partners of my firm were eating well if you get my metaphor! 

With fees, commissions and control structures that equated to $200K-$300K and 3 out of the 5 board seats given away by startup founders for just $1M-$2M in pre-seed capital, I knew there was a much better way to assist startup founders and without having to demand such egregious terms. 

While we do NOT earn success fees as we’re not an investment bank, broker-dealer or “VC” firm (what I like to say tongue-in-cheek as -Vulture Capital!), we do NOT work for free either.



However, here’s what you should know…

We’re a boutique coaching and mentoring firm that delivers measurable results and gets business done!  That’s it plain and simple, unapologetically with no BS (bologna sandwiches -I don’t curse) or excuses!

So if you’re used to B-S-ing and making cry-baby excuses, I’ll discern it immediately and never introduce you to my process that could potentially change everything for you today!

But if you believe in you and what you’re doing and you’re willing to invest in yourself and put in the hard work that most people aren’t willing to do to get their companies capitalized, then you need to schedule a video call (with your camera on -there’s no judgement here!) with me HERE now!

I’ve developed a proprietary process and business model that leverages AI and automation that’s second to none!  If you’re truly ready to capitalize your startup, then let’s have a brief, no-strings-attached discussion about your idea. You can coordinate a time to chat with me HERE.


With a Wall Street background dating back to the ’90s, I’ve worked with scores of companies and I’ve done millions upon millions of dollars in career transactions ranging from Simple Agreements for Future Equity or “SAFEs”, traditional Private Placements, Private Investments in Public Equity or “PIPEs”, Reverse Mergers, Convertible Debentures and everything in between.


My vision statement is simple -I help startup founders that struggle with raising capital.
Beyond that, we assist entrepreneurs in buying, selling and growing their business with our sole focus on taking the mystery out of sales, marketing, business development, investor relations and capital procurement.

If you’re struggling in any of these areas, schedule a call with me HERE.





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