Mary Shulenberger

CEO and co-founder of Parle Innovation Inc. 

 Mary is an accomplished entrepreneur, visionary, innovator, philanthropist, mentor and life-long learner. Founder and CEO of Parle Enterprises, Inc. an established multi-million-dollar, award winning, promotional advertising company, preferred supplier to Cisco, PG&E and several other enterprise clients.

 Currently, Mary is CEO / Co-Founder at Parle Innovation, a frontier technology company that is revolutionizing how live events are experienced. Parle Innovation has developed eyeVue smart binoculars to bring augmented reality enhancement to spectator viewing and outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts.


eyeVue from Parle Innovations

Magnifying Reality for Spectators at Stadiums, Concerts, Family & Outdoor Events We all do this... either Capture Or Be in the moment 

We all do this... either Capture Or Be in the moment

Why choose?

If it's worth capturing, it's worth experiencing and more!


Seed Round

$1 Mil ($435k Committed)

Convertible note

20% Discount at Conversion

$10 Mil Value Cap

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