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David Zaepfel and Joseph Kershenbaum with ApiceHealth

ApiceHealth develops proprietary health plans for self-insured employers using a new model of individual rating versus traditional group rating.

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Seth Yudof & Jayson Pearson with Fan Rebellion

A Fan-Owned Live Entertainment Company: Fan Rebellion specializes in the development and production of ticketed events and attractions in Las Vegas and across the United States.

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Mary Shulenberger with Parle Innovation

Magnifying Reality for Spectators at
Stadiums, Concerts, Family & Outdoor Events
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Rama Prasad with Teqnizan

Do you have your Bluetooth earbuds?   Do you have the earbud charger with you? Put the earbuds on and take them out all day long. The uncomfortable force fit in the ear.
What if, you didn’t have to carry it around? What if, you could just put your Bluetooth earrings on in the morning, and be able to make handsfree phone call, listen to music or podcasts, get urgent alerts or notifications   all day safely?
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Ramesh Balan with Knomadix Corporation

Deliver smarter and more effective
interventions for faster outcomes

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Jaswinder Singh with Smart Trucker

The SmartTruckerApp combines scanning, emailing, invoicing, organizing of documents all into one app in the palm of your hand, on your smart device.

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