Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh is the founder and CEO of Smart Trucker. Smart Trucker helps Owner/Operators in the trucking industry get back time for their self and family by making and invoicing efficiently. Seeing his dad struggle as a small trucking business owner with keeping up with paperwork and invoicing,  he decided it was time for a change and for his dad to earn his time back

Smart Trucker

The SmartTruckerApp combines scanning, emailing, invoicing, organizing of documents all into one app in the palm of your hand, on your smart device. Anyone can simply download the app, then scan, invoice, and email their documents. Keep track of your paid and unpaid invoices. Documents are saved and organized in folders, that can be printed, emailed or downloaded later. Our proprietary technology can autofill commonly needed information on Load Confirmations and Carrier Packets with a tap of a button.


Seed Round

$1 Mil SAFE

20% Discount at Conversion

$4M Post Money Value Cap


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