Rama Prasad

PhD, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Cornell University
Consumer electronics industry experience
Seasoned technology professional
Working mom
Passionate about making it better
Appreciate art and its role in society
Know and love electronics, sensors


Do you have your Bluetooth earbuds?   Do you have the earbud charger with you? Put the earbuds on and take them out all day long. The uncomfortable force fit in the ear.

What if, you didn’t have to carry it around? What if, you could just put your Bluetooth earrings on in the morning, and be able to make handsfree phone call, listen to music or podcasts, get urgent alerts or notifications   all day safely?

I am Rama Prasad, founder CEO of Teqnizan. That is the vision of convenient and natural audio connection that inspired the launch of Teqnizan (technology + artisan design).    At Teqnizan, we are developing bluetooth audio earrings in many different forms and designs with various metals, crystals and pearl artwork. So, you can have beautiful and crystal-clear sound on your ear lobes all day long, handsfree.


Seed Round

Seeking $2 Mil

25% angel tax credit (Max $125k per individual) from state of MN

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